Our Vision

We are committed to helping parents understand that it is the nature of the relationship that they create with their children which holds the largest influence over their children’s happiness, success and personal fulfillment levels.

Current research clearly suggests that when parents come to realize that its who their children 'are', rather than what they 'have', that a true foundation for happy, empowered and guilt – free parenting becomes cemented.

From Scott's client and classroom experiences, he knows that when parents become the ‘trusted authority’ for their children – meaning that parents truly are more important than their child's phone – that this connection becomes one of the key personal fulfillment indicators for their children over their lifetime.

My son and I both learned strategies to give him the confidence and independence he needed
(C Kenny, father of Liam)

Our Manifesto

As our children grow up in a digitally driven, instant gratification-based society, it is vital that parents have proactive and intentional parenting solutions in order to truly become the trusted guides that their children need in order to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Scott knows that there is no 'universal' parenting manual, and so he ensures that parents have access to proven, personalized and cutting edge parenting solutions that are geared to eliminate conflict, conquer the 'digital divide' in our homes, and that promote a balanced, productive lifestyle. When parents have intention and commitment around this, we are able to build more harmonious and respectful homes which helps fuel our children’s confidence and motivation levels.

Working with Scott helped me let go of things outside of my control
(S Labbe, college student)

Meet Scott

Hi its Scott here, and welcome to our site!

I am a mindset educator and high performance coach for both parents and youth. I have taught at leading independent schools locally and at top international schools in Asia, and I am also a proud ‘solo dad’ to 3 daughters.

With my professional and personal experience, I have become all too aware of the core factors that erode parent – child trust, and also how societal, academic and peer pressure negatively weigh on both parents and children today. These factors conspire to add more stress, conflict and distance to the parent – child relationship which makes the need to eliminate conflict, build connection and promote balanced lifestyles all the more vital.

Due to the 'digital divide' in homes today - along with the ‘live for now’ economy which influences our children’s identities and decisions - the reality for many parents today is that we know for the first time, that a majority of youth are considered 'at risk'. While schools provide our children with academic knowledge, daily structure and a sense of community, they are not focused on nurturing the non cognitive skills (such as character, self-belief and resilience) that our children need to see modelled each and every day.

Raising my children ‘solo’ has certainly been a challenging experience, but it has also been tremendously meaningful and amazingly rewarding; furthermore, it has allowed me to help others achieve an empowered parenting state, which is my core passion. As I have learned along the way to shift my own attitudes, habits and assumptions in order for me to become a much more stress – free and empowered parent, it has freed up my own children to develop resilience, optimism, and conscientiousness as the basis of their ‘personal character foundation’.

I encourage you to come along with us to discover how you can take some simple yet powerfully important steps to establish or maintain ‘trusted authority’ status with your children. When we commit to these simple steps and truly become an empowered parent, we then learn to inspire our children based on our best attitudes and habits.

I invite you to click the video below so that you can understand specifically where my passion and dedication are in the field of inspiring empowered and stress – free parents, and also how I support youth to overcome their limiting beliefs, fears and doubts so that they can unleash their true potential.

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My daughter leaned to channel her competitive nature and become a valued team member
(S Loewen, father of Sarah)

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